Hi nice to meet ya!

I’m Sebastian.

About Sebastians Bear

Hi, I’m Sebastian.

I’m a turer coffeeholic, burger lover and travel addict. I’m extremely passionate about life, going on adventures and challenging myself.

My current goal is to run an ultra marathon!

What is this? An ultramarathon is anything beyond the marathon distance of 42,195 kilometer.  Why do I wanna do this? Good question. Probably because I thought it will be impossible for me. If you fluent in reading German you can have a look at my Garmin column.

What else can I tell you? I’ve already traveled quite a bit, but still think I have not seen enough from the world.  I try to make the most out of every day and I love good coffee and burger – yes I know I have said it before.

Sebastians Bear burger

Ooooooh YES – I LOVE burger!

Let me invite you to follow me on my journey towards new adventures and maybe I might be able to provide you with some inspiration and motivation for own adventures too.

Last but not least.

I’m promising I will not bullshiting you with some random phrases on my page, except this one, because I’m honestly believing in it:

Always be confident and live a life you won’t regret. You just have this one.



P.S.: You can find me on Instagram under sebastians_bear.