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Mission ultra marathon. How it began.

März 28, 2018
My ultra marathon training without alcohol.
März 28, 2018

Mission ultra marathon. How it began.


“I will run an ultra marathon.”

 Sebastians Bear training for his ultra marathon

How my ultra marathon journey began

“You want to do WHAT? Run an ultra marathon with no experience in running? You are not a runner!” “So what? Everybody has to start somewhere“, I said and started running.

I still have the confused, quite anxious faces of my friends under my very nose when I told them I want to become an ultra marathon runner. After they had handled their first shock everybody started worrying about me: “Sebastian, are you out of your mind?”, “Just start with a marathon”, “Why for God ’s sake does it has to be an ultra marathon straight from the beginning?” and so forth.

Today I can understand their concerns about my daredevil plan. Almost two years ago I was more that kind of a runner busy to run to the next bakery instead of running through the park. Don’t get me wrong I mean I went for a run from time to time and even started at competitions several times, but my distance was rarely longer than 10 km and I wasn’t really fast too. To sum it up: I was not really a runner and  in a manner my goal to run an ultra marathon was very ambitious.

How I became a runner

Well, I made a commitment and my personal challenge really was a major. My problem was that I didn’t really know anything about running.

First of all I didn’t know how it feels to run on a regularly base several times a week or what I have to wear during different seasons; what equipment I will need during my runs and how I reasonable structure my progress  and document it. I was even unsure about how to fit my ultra marathon goal into my daily life routine, especially with work. To be honest to you guys, I didn’t even know what a pace was. I was an absolute running rookie resolved to run an ultra marathon.

Therefore, step one for me was to learn something about running. Besides theory, I particularly needed a functional and motivating training schedule to become a runner. One part of my plan was to share my improvement with you guys in social media. In this way I thought it would be easier for me to really stick to my plan. But I would also be able to communicate with an international running community about running related topics and more importantly, social media would be a way for me to get inspiration from other runners worldwide too. A word and a blow: My Instagram-profile sebastians_bear was born.

Since 20 month now I work very hard to complete my goal. I completed countless short distance runs, various half-marathons in training session’s und last but not least I completed my first marathon last year. So I can proudly say now:


Hi, I’m Sebastian and I’m a runner – hell-bent to run an ultra marathon.


What is an ultra marathon and where will my race be?

If you look up the term ultra marathon on the internet or books, you will determine quite quick that there is more than just one definition of what an ultra marathon is. On the one side, an ultra marathon is defines as a run with more than 100 km distance. Just if you finish that distance you can primp yourself with the title ultramarathon runner. On the other side, an ultramarathon is defined as every distance above 42,195 km (Marathon). I prefer the second definition, from my point of view it’s much more tolerant and I can hardly understand how people truly deny calling someone an ultra runner after someone has finished 50 or 99 km of running.

Where will my ultra marathon be located?

My goal: 46. GUTSMUTHS Rennsteiglauf in 05/26/2018

  1. Distance: 73,9 km
  2. Positive High Meters: 1.874 m
  3. High Difference: 3.260 m
  4. Starting point: Eisenach (Germany)
  5. Final destination: Schmiedefeld am Rennsteig (Germany)
  6. For more information: Rennsteiglauf-Supermarathon

Last but not least

Why did I choose that long and “agonising” way of difficulties and deprivations? For me at the moment such a big impossible goal to finish. Just because of that reason: This goal looks impossible to me at the moment (and is probably a bit insane too). But I know that I can do it! I know I can be an ultrarunner and I truly believe in our capability of achieving our dreams. If we really want to make our dreams to become true and if we are willing to give one’s all: It will be possible!

Don’t give up, even if you might struggle with throwbacks; try to become better and better every day –and it can be possible. Now with my destination ultra marathon at Rennsteiglauf I have a firm goal in front of me. With a lot of training, courage, good scheduling, a little bit of madness and a BeatYesterdaymentality I can reach my goal.

You are very welcome to join me on my journey to my first ultra marathon. It is not very long to go now and if you like you can follow me on Instagram too.