Hours until my first ultramarathon

Hi everyone,

as you might have noticed on my sebastians_bear Instagram profile it’s not long to go for me anymore until my first ultramarathon. About 96 hours, 5 days and I will face my biggest sportive challenge in life so far. I will run an ultramarathon, a distance further than 42.195 kilometer. My goal is to finish the 73.9 kilometer ultramarathon across the Thuringian forrest at Rennsteiglauf in Germany.  From now on I’m just a glimpse away to fulfill my current dream becoming an ultra runner.

Moments before my first ultramarathon

So am I nervous, excited and a bit anxious as well? Well, of course I’m nervous and it is getting worse day after day, but in a good way and I think that this is normal. I mean my plan is to put myself in an extreme situation and get through it. I guess something would be wrong if I wouldn’t be nervous? But I’m not anxious, because I’m prepared and yes I am excited, very excited.  The last few weeks I feel good and strong. I feel like I’m ready now, ready to run my first ultramarathon.  The last couple of weeks have provided me with a huge boost in physical and mentally strength. After so many annoying interruptions because of illness I finally made the progress I needed to make to feel ready now for my first ultramarathon at Rennsteiglauf.

“I think I’m ready to take on my challenge running my first ultramarathon. The last couple of weeks have provided me with a huge boost in physical and mentally strength.”

After my trip to New York (Yes I still own you an article about running in New York City) I got a lot of long runs in. A lot of 3 hour and 3 hour+ runs, a 30 kilometre run and a couple of 20-25 kilometer runs too. All with very short recovery time, which I think was good to teach my body the upcoming amount of stress with less recovery time when I will be out on the trail running my ultramarathon.

Side Note: If you are not training for an ultramarathon I wouldn’t recommend in general reducing your recovery time like I did after a long run, for example a half marathon. Usually our body needs more than 2 till 3 days’ time to rest and recover.

But if you are training for an ultramarathon it’s differnent. Plus I didn’t had that much time left anymore to the Rennsteiglauf and I really want to run my ultramarathon there this year and luckily it worked for me.

My strategy for my first ultramarathon

I thought a lot about what my race strategy for my first ultramarathon will be like and read so many articles about ultramarathon tips on google lately. At the end I think there is no such think like a perfect strategy. We are all individuals and act out different during extreme situations like an ultramarathon.  But even if there is not perfect strategy doesn’t mean we don’t need to have a strategy at all. Quite the contrary I think having a strategy is essential for finishing an ultramarathon. A strategy is very useful not to act percitipate. A strategy can give you security and get you throug the race at a certain stage.

Therefore I listed 5 strategy tips for you I want to keep in mind before and during my ultramrathon:

  1. An ultramarathon is an extreme situation. It is never easy, especially not the first one. At some stage or many stages of my race I’m sure I will get to the point where I will be tuckered out. Where every single part of me body will hurt and tell me to stop. I need to accept that, get through it and keep going.
  2. I will try to start as slow as possible to run as long as possible. I will be on my feed for hours and hours and  so I will definitively get to the point were it is getting though soon enough.
  3. I will devide the ultramarathon distance in little pieces. Instead focusing on the whole 73.9 kilometer I will devide my race for example into 3 half marathon and a bit of bonus distance and only focus on on half marathon at a time.
  4. I will eat easily digestible carbs about every hour, drink water on a regularly base and ingest salt about every 2 hours. Easily digestible carbs can be chocolate bars, soup or dates for instance. Salt is important if you sweat a lot. It maintains your body functions and prevents you from getting cramps.
  5. I will use a mantra. To finish an ultramarathon a strong mind is crucial and I think a mantra can help me there.

Of course there are more things you definitively need to keep in mind to be ready for your first ultramarathon. Things like wearing the right clothes, tapering, or getting enough sleep. I just named a few for you to give you a good example of my ultramrathon preparation.

At the end the most important think is that I’m listen to my body and just have fun and that is what I will do! 

Ultramarathon I’m coming!